Who Was Junaid Jamshed?

Junaid Jamshed, born Junaid Jamshed Khan, was born September 3, 1964. He was a man of many talents and had several occupations including:

•    Pakistani recording artist
•    Pakistani designer clothes
•    Actor
•    Singer-songwriter
•    Televangelist
•    Preacher

He graduated with an engineering degree and worked briefly as a contractor in the private field. He was also an engineer in the Air Force before embarking on a career in music.

Jamshed first gained national and international recognition as the vocalist for the musical group ‘Vital Signs.’ In 1987, he provided vocals for their album, ‘Vital Signs 1’.
Singles on the album included ‘Tum Mil Gaye’ and ‘Dil Dil Pakistan.’ As the commercial success of the group’s album increased, it helped to bring the rock music industry in Pakistan to the forefront.

In November of 2014, Junaid Jamshed was accused of committing blasphemy. He released a video apology for offending individuals.

Junaid Jamshed was born to a father who was in the Pakistan Air Force. His father was a Group Captain. After he completed boarding school, Jamshed also wanted to join the Air Force in Pakistan. Unfortunately, he had weakened eyesight and was prevented from entering.

After earning a college degree in 1990, he was employed by the Air Force in Pakistan as a civilian contractor. He also worked briefly as an aeronautical engineer.

During the 1980s, he began to perform rock music on the campuses of several universities. It was at this time; he met the members of a newly formed music group called ‘Vital Signs.’ They were looking for a lead vocalist at the time.


Junaid Jamshed was visiting Chitral with one of his wives named Nayha Junaid. He was in the region for a Tablighi Jamaat Mission. On December 7, 2016, Jamshed and his wife was on board PIA Flight 661 to return to Islamabad. The plane crashed and killed everyone who was on board.

Junaid Jamshed was instrumental in bringing national and international attention to Pakistani rock music. He also had many other creative and educational achievements.

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