What Crime Does Your Sign Commit?

horoscope-993144_640It is widely accepted that zodiac signs and crimes go hand in hand. We are not talking about the Zodiac Killer! What this means is that the zodiac sign that you are born under can directly connect you to the kind of crime you are likely to commit. Simply put, the sign itself can determine the kind of crime that you would probably commit.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Cancer are the most arrested for committing crimes, which reveals that they are the most dangerous sign among the 12 zodiac signs. Taurus follows Cancer as the second most dangerous sign in the zodiac circle. The two signs do not have much but can be quite temperamental. Sagittarius comes in at position three.

Cancers have a notoriety for being passion killers as you can see from the personality traits in the video above. They usually kill multiple times and leave some sort of markings on their victims’ bodies, which distinguishes them from other killers. The killers are usually seen as being mentally unstable. On the other hand, Taurus are normally involved in money laundering and are usually seen as clever and enjoy their crimes without others intervening.

Sagittarius are known for being robbers, thieves, and con artists. They usually do not hurt their victims unless it is necessary to get what they need. Aries are usually hired to commit their crimes. Capricorns usually have ties to organized crime and tend to be more sadistic than the Scorpios. Virgos tend to be burglars and hackers. Libras are usually corrupt individuals while Pisces love to dabble in drug crimes.

Geminins have no reputation for taking things seriously and tend to be viewed as con artists and thieves. Leos anonymous-1334775_640usually commit crimes just for the recognition but tend to avoid petty crime. If you are looking for a contract killer then you need to talk to a Scorpio. Aquarius tend to be hackers, con artists, and hustlers that all involve manipulation.

For the record, we do not condone committing crimes. But it is interested to see how groups of zodiac signs tend to commit the same crime. In the event you are ever arrested, please keep in mind that you might need to figure out how to get bail bonds NJ, and according to our research Taurus’s and Scorpio’s make the best defense lawyers! So keep that in mind!

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